Myia is like a microphone. Your success depends on what you say in it. In the same way, it depends on how you use Myia and what information you put in it.

How to

How to organize an event with Myia.Events, what to do, what to take care of and how to use Myia to make the participants happy.

  1. How it works
  2. How to create a mobile app for your event
  3. How to create content for the app
  4. How to use Myia during the event
  5. How to manage audience questions with Myia
  6. How to make a poll
  7. How can the attendees check-in to the Myia event
  8. How to encourage the attendees to install Myia


Detailed descriptions of Myia functions.

  1. Signing up
  2. Forgotten password
  3. Change password
  4. Create new event
  5. Settings
  6. Create welcome page
  7. Change welcome page
  8. User profile
  9. Organizer profile
  10. Messages
  11. Projection screen
  12. Preview
  13. Connection to the event
  14. Buying additional number of attendees
  15. Data Export


Some downloadable stuff that you may like:

  1. Slide with description of installation