API – Create Attendee


The API allows you to create attendee profile in the Event specified in the authentication token. The body of the POST request allows you to specify first name, last name, company, e-mail address and an access code.

The access code in the profile data must be unique within all attendees in the event.

A QR code with this access code can be used for connection to the event. This feature allows the attendees to scan tickets issued by a third party system and access the Myia event.

HTTP endpoint

POST https://api.myia.events/external/attendee


HTTP header must contain: bearer <event token>

The <event token> cannot be generated automatically. If you need one, please contact us at events@myia.systems

Request Body

         "firstName": "John",
         "lastName": "Doe",
         "comnapy": "Contoso",
         "email": "john.doe@example.com",
         "qrCode": "X12345678"


The response contains two lists of the access codes. The acceptedQrCode list contains the access codes of the attendee profiles that were successfully created. The errorQrCodes list contains the access codes of the profiles, that were not created, because the codes were already used.

"acceptedQrCodes": ["X12345678"],
"errorQrCodes": []