How to encourage the attendees to install Myia

The more attendees use the event app the more useful it becomes for them. Then they can use it for networking and for arranging meetings with the other attendees.

Here are a few tips how to encourage the attendees to use the app:

  • If you have the e-mail addresses of the registered users send them an e-mail 2 days before the event. Introduce the app, explain how they can use Myia during the event and how it will be useful for them. Explain, how to install Myia on their smartphones.
  • Remind the attendees about Myia once again before the event. Instruct the staff at the event registration to tell the attendees once again about Myia.
  • If you give the attendees a bag with conference materials, add a leaflet with information and a link how to install Myia.
  • The host of the event should introduce Myia and explain how to use it at the beginning of the event. You can download a slide that to show during the introduction at Section Download.
  • Tell the host to remind the attendees they can use Myia during the event. The host should react on posts in Myia. It triggers interest of those who have not used Myia yet.

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