API – how it works

Myia offers API (Application Programming Interface) integration. This is helpful if you want to automate some tasks with Myia or if you exchange data between Myia and some other system.

To use Myia API you need to understand terms like HTTP, REST, JSON, web request, etc. If you do not, you need to hire a web programmer.

Myia uses RESTfull API – HTTPS/1.1 requests with “bearer” token authentication. This token is a RFC 7519 JSON Web Token which authenticates each API request and authorizes an action for one Event created in Myia Events. You need a different token for each Event.

The tokens are not generated automatically. If you are interested in using API integration please contact us at events@myia.systems

Available APIs

Crete Attendee – create attendee profile in the specified Event. Myia generates a unique QR code for the attendee and optionally sends the attendee an invitation e-mail with the QR code.